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big underestimate the Chinese team

If you want to ask my super several teams, I will tell you only Knock off rolex Hengda one you believe. Perhaps you will kindly drop tell me Super 16 teams. But I will assert, only Hengda a. Why? Not grandstanding, just call a spade a spade. As for you, believe it or not, anyway, I believe. Do not say that the Hengda after 19 outstanding defeat, said he was leading Bridesmaid Dresses the second National Security 11-point advantage is too great, the league was just playing a two-thirds of this advantage will continue to widen. Do not ask why? Just ask Super who would dare to challenge Hengda. Who dares presumptuous Tangbidangju? If the final Hengda undefeated myth claim the championship title, I think at least this myth is a combination of Arsenal and Kaiserslautern, the weight of this championship is the most adequate. Not to say that he's the highest gold content, but he's the most expensive to reach 350 million Christian Louboutin sale yuan. Is the most clean title, unlike any past champion, different from the pre-determined by some team championship. Convincing, Super finally have a clean championship team was born. No longer be challenged, no longer people revile. said Xu wedding gowns India to do so silly, take several hundred million for a Super League champions the value of? Perhaps for the default champion team, he is really silly. Because you only spent a few million to get a champion, but champion to bring you harm much more than honor. Fans leave you, the AFC has abandoned you, you have a face to laugh at the value and worth? Hengda bring more than just a champion Prom Dresses 2012 so simple, he brought the Chinese professional league since a professional club champion respect and belief, they are with their own sweat and blood pouring of a champion, is the sign of the maturity of the Chinese Professional Club. This title is not dirty deal, there is no dip football false, bet, black, and so he sought after by the world, love and respect. precisely because of the emergence of Hengda, will completely re-innovation a new era of the Chinese professional league. China's real professional league Remember, not start from the 93-year Class A, nor is it since the 2004 Super first year, but from 2011 onwards. Because this year, the birth of a true sense of the professional clubs. Before is not, not! Who can say that before which champions are clean, which no private transactions? If not, the Class A do not change Christian louboutin outlet super, if not super less than seven years to start anti-gambling sweep? If not, head south and the Dragon King is not used in the Shenyang Detention Center to chat. If not, the Chinese football is not pointing to Ge's a good sign of entering into the World Cup. Regardless of Hengda is to seize the crown Paipaipigu leave, or continue playing, Hengda no doubt will become a benchmark of Chinese football. Replica watch We have to Replica rolex continue to play it from time to time the rise of Aung hope Cheap Bridesmaid Dresses this benchmark. Shenma ideas, good first who spent several hundred million to say. Otherwise, everything is just a beautiful dream. cast several hundred million Hengda, a strong and thick the cornerstone of the building to the team filling. If other teams want to shake his dominance, whether it was the first trade-off under their own strength. Not everyone is entitled to challenge the giant. How Beijing? Forbidden City battle the regiment to fight to the cleaners, not only did not hurt to get bigger, also hurt from a strength, which is both rank the Ministry of the biggest difference in an amateur club. It is clear that Beijing is a goal of the season locked in the Evergrande a team who the Hengda target the entire Christian louboutin stadium. thinking determines the results, it is not false. After the the Hengda bite Beijing this hard nut to crack, all the way with irresistible force to move into the direction of his dreams full. In Beijing seems to have no previous ambitions, such as losing the challenges of life, 破罐子破摔. Perhaps because Hengda strong rise, disrupting the club alliance between the private layout, before the Super League relegation team increased investment. Because they Fake hublot know that Xu Jiayin destroyed their regulatory distance, the cards do not follow the rivers and lakes routine, do not mind to the next point of the original capital, would like to play the soy sauce, next year had to fraternizing with the A team. the indeed Hengda practice, a lot of clubs reviled, because Hengda destroyed the rules of the game before imitation Christian louboutin shoes they have been playing, the club RBI fixing the change point of silver, and the friendship of the practice work. Also let a lot of players off the sources of revenue, before each club super as Cheap prom Dresses a cash machine, chipping away can take an different. Grab a Replica watches bigger, while their boss Xu India simply not buying it to build the team directly using the Jin and Yuan policy, so that put an end to all false black gambling behavior. Also imagine to buy a game, so dig in the past one hundred children and 80 Million is not possible, Ah drops other people's winning prize of 5 million, the little money you have the nerve to come up Replica watches with the hand. If you really want to take more than five million of the money to buy a ball, you definitely have their own ideas, might as well take this money to buy a good player. Hengda contributions to the Super fake rolex submariner watches League stadium is not only purified. Also improves the viewing of the game, in order not to lose too difficult to see, in exchange blows with Hengda not help but improve to unprecedented levels. Rhythm of change brought about by the change of the technical and tactical, technical and tactical changes to keep the team toward the direction of mining the greatest potential for development, like a Yankees game on Hengda as to look into the one-year weight . Natural armed Replica watches under 100 Yongming, playing soul-stirring. If you do not Hengda opponent, who will then more strength to play. Even if you engage in hard, and made the referee do? Made privately buy ball? Made default champion? Hengda is the Super League team to face the wolf. He think of black than the referee black, referee, you have to throw in the box you had in the restricted area of ​​the referee to give you a penalty. Off than his match-fixing hateful, fixing you can bribe a few inside the ghosts, the problem is the flow of oil the Hengda player rich who cares little money. Spell strength is not enough grade block dishonest you find opportunities, how do you want to be diving in the Super? How to do it? Can only increase the strength of a Road to go, and then we see usually called poor team, but also teeth fiercely heart spent big money to buy big to. We have seen in this year's Super League gap of almost every team to replace foreign aid is like this proves one thing, the idea of ​​the beginning of the season - on the strength of the Hengda underestimated. Resulting in a poor team scores throughout the season. Too late, lost, but also to prove that they have such awareness, which is a good phenomenon. The real butterfly effect in the next year, foreign aid Let us look Cheap prom Dresses under 100 at each club to pick one certainly known more than a name heads this season, only soy sauce, the long-term perspective in the coming year. I would like a ridiculous question, do not know next year the National Security will call for the first fight slogan? What is to compete? This is the key, the same as Hengda smashed several hundred million, this is difficult. Because they are the practices of state-owned enterprises, state-owned enterprises, of course, is the service of politics, can not think of using several hundred million in Christian louboutin shoes exchange for what the political effects. Super League champions? Hell, that thing can do even? So next year, or a private club to compete with the Hengda. Xu India boss, breaking a vicious cycle of Chinese football, that is, cut off all the dirty deal with high investment. The results prove that he did the right thing. It can be said that he is a very ambitious person, several hundred million of investment, but also can not meet, they have to spend a billion signed astronomical hole cards. Only one hole card than the other inputs of the wealthy throughout the year than you have to yell a challenge Hengda not laughable people Ronin. He was also a visionary, early in the team's target height in Asia, and put into action, which so many peers Rolex replicas including fans marveled. Regardless of the next year Hengda in the AFC score? At least one thing is certain, China could not let no professional teams in the champions of Japan and South Korea team joke. Never because there is no big underestimate the Chinese team. Konghan fear of illness hell, they fear card. If Hengda really unfortunate AFC crashed out of the return, we do not make fun of, after all, they are the representatives of the Replica Watch Super League champions the most level, not in Shandong, not Beijing, not Shanghai, more than Shenzhen, I think this team AFC will certainly not bad to those small team in Southeast Asia, filling a few. Fake cartier Hengda, turned out to represent the way the official start of the Chinese football reform. As the sages say, all shade buds change by the private sector. The reform process is the same professional soccer by Hengda your Football Association can not as, but please do not stop Hengda led the pace of change of Chinese football.