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automobile and household appliance manufacturing

Description: steel selling Cheap christian louboutin prices and volume growth of the Department of changes in operating income. Department of changes in operating costs of raw material prices and sales increase. business tax and surcharges change in the Prom dresses 2012 Department of VAT increase. changes in cost of sales of Xinjiang within the sales proportion of the rise and lead to the decline of transport Replica Watches costs. changes in management costs of the company to increase new product development efforts, increased research and development Christian louboutin replica charges. asset impairment loss of changes in the Department of the company provided for impairment loss on fixed assets and inventory of idle. fair value changes in profit and loss changes in the Department of Company holds derivative financial liabilities at fair value changes in profit and loss increases. operating income changes iphone that can not be paid payables and advance payments. changes in the Department of operating expenses are expected to increase in liabilities. operating profit, total profit and net profit of changes in the Department of declining corporate profitability. Cheap Prom dresses Department of changes in income tax expense, deferred Wedding dresses income tax expense reduced. cash flows of the reporting period changes in : Currency: the RMB Description: to increase the cash received by the net operating cash flow changes for the company's sales. investment net cash flow changes in the Department of the company paid in cash for projects increased. funding net cash flow changes in the Replica rolex watches Department of the issuance of bonds received in cash. of net operating cash flow of 927 million yuan and net profit of 482 million yuan reasons for the differences: (1) Current operating receivables increased Discount wedding dresses by 855 million yuan; (2) an increase in inventories of 121 million yuan; ( 3) depreciation of 574 million yuan, the financial cost of 320 million yuan; (4) in operating payables increased by 477 Replica mens watches million yuan. The (b) of the company's future development to Outlook 1 steel industry development trend and market competition in October 2011, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to develop the steel industry 25 ladies replica watches development plan, clear the next few years, China's steel industry capacity will be the northeast, north, east and quantity adjustments, the same amount of the South, Southwest eliminated, moderate increment of the west region layout context for development. The plan also proposed to the . This trend, Replica watches the future opportunities for the steel industry will be more concentrated in regional hot spots and structural adjustment. in 2012, the state implemented while maintaining stability of macroeconomic Christian louboutin outlet policies and prudent monetary policy for the steel industry to create favorable conditions for the smooth development. Evening dresses At the same time, last year's unfinished protection of housing construction and the start of this year, 700 million units of affordable housing will continue to make the investment in fixed assets to Christian louboutin shoes discount maintain a certain growth promoting steel construction steel demand, to stabilize steel prices. In addition, the christian louboutin online sale western development The construction of the Therefore, the enterprise has a policy of support and has a unique competitive will get better profit margins. various risks of , future development strategies and Fake rolex watches for sale development planning  the risks and challenges: the prospects for global economic recovery is full of variables, constraints of the Cheap replica rolex watches economic rebound has not yet been effectively controlled, mechanical, automobile and household appliance manufacturing industry less the rate of expansion, and long-term growth trends of the major steel industry is slowing down, it will seriously cut sheet christian louboutin women shoes sale market demand; real estate regulatory policy has resulted in the property market transactions volume and price down, the demand for long products rebound in the formation of the negative effect; New Project of the Wedding dresses 2012 Yuanjiang iron and steel enterprises are also expected to

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